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Actor Reviews:
Strangers on a Train with Stoneham Theatre Co
ŸŸŸ”Symes’ (the director’s) greatest asset in this production is Serrell. His Bruno is a shaky, cackling, dangerous ball of neuroses, a maniacal manipulator in the vein of Heath Ledger’s Joker. Serrell infuses his performance with equal parts charisma and desperation, and it’s continually fascinating to watch.” –Boston Herald

The Merchant of Venice with Actors Shakespeare Project
”The actors bring vitality and humor to their characters… Serrell plays Bassiano with great charm and sympathy.” –The Edge, Boston

The Sea Gull with Publick Theatre
“Nitter and Serrell combine to make the relationship between Arkadina and Trigorin one of the most interesting. . . While Nina is allowed to gush over him almost from the start, Serrell’s Trigorin slowly and gradually shows developing interest – and later disinterest – that is palpable. He reveals the traits of his character subtly, as if peeling back the leaves of an artichoke. Trapped in the confines of his creativity, he toys with Arkadina, Nina, and Treplieff for sport, and Serrell makes both his ennui and his exhilaration believable.” –

Little Dog Dog Laughed with SpeakEasy Stage Co
”As Mitchell, the closeted actor, Robert Serrell blends weary self-doubt and confusion with a sardonic clarity; this character generally avoids looking himself in the eye, but when he does he can see exactly what’s there. So when Mitchell falls in love with Alex, a rent boy he’s hired for a night, Serrell conveys every shading of denial, longing, fear, and dawning recognition.” –Boston Globe

”Alternately posturing and flustering, Serrell’s smooth performance hints at Mitchell’s hidden depths.” –Boston Herald

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest with Berkshire Theatre Festival
“Robert Serrell is wonderful as Martini. . .” –Berkshire Advocate

A Christmas Carol with Berkshire Theatre Festival
“. . .the long-suffering Bob Cratchett, well-played by Robert Serrell.” –Berkshire Advocate

Where has Tommy Flowers Gone with Berkshire Theatre Festival:
“Robert Serrell. . .makes us see and hear the age of his character. His final scene in the hospital was particularly effective as truth poured out of him.” –Berkshire Bright Focus

“Ben Delight is well-played by Robert Serrell. The emotional weight and interest in this production is carried by Serrell. . .” –Berkshire Advocate

”Robert Serrell manages clarity of thought and precision of language to get past the stage and reach the audience.” –Berkshire Blog

Directing Credits:
Henry V – Shakespeare & Co Fall Festival
Hamlet – Shakespeare & Co Fall Festival
A Midsummer Nights Dream – Shakespeare & Co Fall Festival
Twelfth Night – Shakespeare & Co Fall Festival
Macbeth – Hayground School
King Lear – Shakespeare & Co Summer Program
Taming of the Shrew – Shakespeare & Co Summer Program
Julius Caesar – Shakespeare & Co Summer Program
Antony & Cleopatra – Shakespeare & Co Summer Program