“Working with Robert Serrell on the Linklater progression has been an extremely inspiring process. He has helped me to discover a voice in me I’d always hoped was there and always longed to find, a voice of strength and authenticity. He guided me to let go in moments I wanted to hold on and those were the moments I found the most growth. I found Robert to be a very supportive and specific Linklater teacher. If you are looking to connect more to your power and truth and learn how to effortlessly communicate that into the world then Robert Serrell and the Linklater Progression would be a place I’d highly recommend looking into.” –Brittany Daniel, actress

“Robert Serrell provides two key things for learning and actionable skill. A loving presence and precise understanding of how the voice and body express optimally. Every time I work with him I come away with deeper access and understanding of my vocal capacity and expression. Once again I begin to speak and resonate from the cells of my body not merely the throat and vocal chords.” –Sean LeClaire, poet, playwright, actor

“When Robert Serrell taught voice at a Shakespeare acting intensive, he impressed me with his enthusiasm and knowledge. Wanting to develop and free my voice along the lines he introduced me to there, I have worked with him privately since then. He has a sharp ear for what needs to be developed, and his enjoyment of the power of voice is contagious, which has helped me much more than merely learning techniques and mechanics.” –Charles Baker, actor

Private Coaching
Sessions in voice, speech, audition prep, monologues, acting and/or dialect work are available for $100/hour. Robert has worked as a coach Off-Broadway, with several regional theaters, in film/tv, and with corporate clients. Contact Robert here.

Robert teaches voice, speech and acting workshops with The Barrow Group in New York City.  Visit barrowgroup.org to view the class schedule and/or register for a class.

Sample Curriculum Overview
Session 1: Physical Awareness, Relaxation & Balance
Explore exercises that encourage proper spinal alignment to increase physical presence and optimize vocal use

Session 2: Breath Awareness & Support
Explore exercises that help student breath from the diaphragm rather than up in their chest, resulting in stronger, clearer sound

Session 3: Vibration Awareness
Explore exercises that bring awareness to the physical sensation of vibration in one’s body

Session 4: Vibration Building
Explore exercises that help move the voice forward, thereby making the voice more intelligible

Session 5: Freeing Inhibitory Vocal Patterns 1
Explore exercises that help open the jaw and throat

Session 6: Freeing Inhibitory Vocal Patterns 2
Explore exercises that help relax the tongue and energize the soft palette

Session 7: Resonance
Explore exercises that bring awareness to different resonating chambers in the body to increase the overall tonality of the voice

Session 8: Breath Power
Explore exercises that increase breath capacity to thereby increase volume for when communicating in large spaces

Session 9: Range
Explore exercises that increase the range of the voice, which leads to more tonal movement and musicality in the voice

Session 10: Articulation
Explore exercises to improve muscularity of lips and tongue to strengthen articulation when speaking